• 管理

    • Merge pull request #3455 from citra-emu/revert-2968-hle_thread_pause
    • keep the namespace comment
    • Revert "Kernel/Threads: Add a new thread status that will allow using a Kernel::Event to put a guest thread to sleep inside an HLE handler until said event is signaled"
    • Merge pull request #3070 from B3n30/uds_connect_disconnect
    • NWM_UDS: change SleepClientThread to use std::chrono::nanoseconds
    • clang-format fix
    • HW checked signals Disconnect, Destroy and Shutdown
    • NWM_UDS: More of wwyleles comments
    • NWM_UDS: Addressed wwyleles comments
    • fix clang
    • fixup! NWM_UDS: Convert to service framework
    • Fixups from Subvs comments
    • NWM_UDS: Convert to service framework
    • fixup! UDS: Add coonnect and disconnect
    • UDS: Add coonnect and disconnect
    • Merge pull request #3101 from Subv/hle_thread_pause2
    • HLE: specify that the command buffer is an array of u32_le
    • HLE: Use std::chrono::nanoseconds instead of a plain u64 in SleepClientThread.
    • Fix Clang Format Error
    • Kernel/Threads: Implement an SleepClientThread function for HLERequestContext-based services to make performing async tasks on the host while in an HLE service function easier.



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