• 管理

    • Merge pull request #15 from bsaleil/master
    • vi: Add IManagerDisplayService::CloseDisplay function
    • Merge pull request #13 from hpr/fno-new-ttp-matching
    • fixed build for gcc c++17 / boost.icl incompatibility
    • Merge pull request #14 from ogniK5377/master
    • Games expect 15 for ICommonStateGetter::ReceiveMessage in order to continue execution
    • renderer_gl: Clear screen to black before rendering framebuffer.
    • renderer: Render previous frame when no new one is available.
    • Update README.md with Travis link.
    • lm: Fix IPC header for Initialize.
    • time: Implement GetStandardUserSystemClock, GetCurrentTime.
    • audio: Add files to CMake.
    • hid: Remove unused registered_loggers.
    • audio: Stub out AudOutU::ListAudioOuts.
    • hid: Implement IAppletResource::GetSharedMemoryHandle.
    • Merge pull request #10 from Andrix44/mpwarnings
    • Fix some warnings in the microprofile
    • qt: Update about dialog to show license for GPLv2 only.
    • shared_memory: Minor fixes and cleanup.
    • svc: Implement svcMapSharedMemory.
    • kernel: Increase default stack size to 64K.
    • Merge pull request #7 from JayFoxRox/remove-surface-viewer
    • Remove Surface Viewer stub
    • Merge pull request #4 from spycrab/aboutdialog
    • Implement "About" dialog
    • Merge pull request #1 from roblabla/patch-1



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