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    • Merge pull request #2729 from yuriks/quaternion-fix
      OpenGL: Improve accuracy of quaternion interpolation
    • OpenGL: Improve accuracy of quaternion interpolation
      Current order of operations (rotate then normalize) seems to produce a
      lot more distortion than normalizing and then rotating. This makes Citra
      results match pretty closesly with hardware, and indicates that hardware
      may also be using lerp instead of slerp to interpolate the quaternions.
    • Merge pull request #2733 from yuriks/cmake-cleanup
      Dependencies and build system cleanup
    • CMake: Correct inter-module dependencies and library visibility
      Modules didn't correctly define their dependencies before, which relied
      on the frontends implicitly including every module for linking to
      Also changed every target_link_libraries call to specify visibility of
      dependencies to avoid leaking definitions to dependents when not
    • Citra: Convert include into forward declaration
    • Remove some unnecessary inclusions of video_core.h
    • Move screen size constants from video_core to core
      video_core didn't even properly use them, and they were the source of
      many otherwise-unnecessary dependencies from core to video_core.
    • OpenGL: Remove unused RendererOpenGL fields
    • Core: Fix some out-of-style includes
    • Common: Fix some out-of-style includes
    • Move framebuffer_layout from Common to Core
      This removes a dependency inversion between core and common. It's also
      the proper place for the file since it makes screen layout decisions
      specific to the 3DS.
    • Merge pull request #2732 from yuriks/add-fmt
      Add the fmt string formatting library
    • Add the fmt string formatting library
      More info at http://fmtlib.net/
      This commit was based on @jroweboy's work on his spdlog branch, but with
    • Update dynarmic
      Updated to incorporate fix from MerryMage/dynarmic#106 which is required
      for using fmt in Citra.


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