• 管理

    • GFX3D: Reduce the memory requirement of the vertex lists to one-third of its previous size.
    • Has the positive side-effect of improving the OpenGL renderer's performance when many vertices are used.
    • Also fix the vertex list double-buffering so that it actually works as intended.
    • GPU: Fix bug where the backlight intensity would be incorrectly averaged if frameskipping is enabled. (Regression from commit f5c9a36.)
    • Cocoa Port: Fix a crash and a potential deadlock that may occur when responding to host display changes. (Regression from commit 4957d7b.)
    • Fix a bug where games would almost always start up with the main screen at low brightness and touch screen completely off. (Regression from commit f5c9a36.)
    • Linux Port (CLI and GTK-Glade): Add support for rendering the backlight intensity on the CPU-based display methods. (Related to commits f5c9a36 and 74ba49e.)
    • Windows Port: Replace the backlight kludge in the DirectDraw display method with the new ColorspaceApplyIntensityToBuffer32(). (Related to commits f5c9a36, 3a000b6 and 74ba49e.)
    • Also fixes a build problem in MSVC. (Regression from commit 74ba49e.)
    • Colorspace Handler: Add dedicated functions ColorspaceApplyIntensityToBuffer16() and ColorspaceApplyIntensityToBuffer32() for applying an RGB intensity value to a framebuffer.



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