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    • Merge pull request #2897 from bunnei/telemetry-ui
      Telemetry UI and final touches
    • web_backend: Fix CPR bug where Winsock is not properly initializing.
    • web_backend: Fix asynchronous JSON post by spawning new thread.
    • web_services: Refactor to remove dependency on Core.
    • qt: Add an option to view/regenerate telemetry ID.
    • default_ini: Use correct telemetry endpoint URL.
    • This is a combination of 2 commits.

    This is the 1st commit message:

    qt: Add web configuration tab.

    The commit message #2 will be skipped:

    fixup! qt: Add web configuration tab.

    • qt: Add web configuration tab.
    • web_backend: User config for username and token, support anonymous post.
    • telemetry: Log frontend type.
    • settings: Add enable_telemetry, citra_username, and citra_token.
    • telemetry_session: Log telemetry ID.
    • citra_qt: Show one-time callout messages to user.


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