• 管理


    • Merge pull request #2861 from wwylele/motion-refactor
      Refactor MotionEmu into a InputDevice
    • HID: fix a comment and a warning
    • motion_emu: no need to include thread in header
    • move MotionEmu from core/frontend to input_common as a InputDevice
    • HID: use MotionDevice for Accelerometer and Gyroscope
    • Merge pull request #2871 from wwylele/sw-spotlight
      SwRasterizer/Lighting: implement spot light
    • SwRasterizer/Lighting: implement spot light
    • Added missing parts in libnetwork (#2838)
    • Network: Set and send the game information over enet
      Added Callbacks for RoomMember and GetMemberList to Room in preparation for web_services.


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