• 管理


    • Vulkan: Do near-exact lookups for the frontbuffer texture (may break everything).
    • Corrected QueryDirectory return code for no more files.
    • Vulkan: Suppress some warnings from validation layer.
    • Vulkan: Apply a half-pixel offset where necessary.
    • Add the currently active graphics system to the window title.
    • Vulkan: Remove redundant format argument from DemandResolveTexture
    • Kernel: VdSwap takes a texture format, not color format argument
    • Update the Vulkan loader to SDK
    • GPU: Make 1D textures into 2D ones.
    • Vulkan: 32_32_32_32 had wrong unsigned format.
      • Vulkan: DXT1_AS_16_16_16_16 should probably map to VK_FORMAT_BC1_RGBA_UNORM_BLOCK.
    • Vulkan: Added comments regarding CTX1 format.
    • Vulkan: Assume all 1D texture sampling is actually sampling a 2D texture.
    • Input: Bind F and K to left thumb and right thumb, respectively.
    • Whoops.


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