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    • XAM: Write as many items possible when enumerating. Fixes Nier not detecting system save data (and possibly other games).
    • Take three?
    • Take two?
    • GPU: Cast various flags to bool in IssueCopy. Fixes #773.
    • GPU: Ensure texture resolves are at least 1x1.
    • GPU: First pass of CTX1 to R8G8_UINT conversion implementation for Vulkan.
    • x64 JIT: Simplify splats
    • Vulkan: Do not bind a NULL pipeline even if a full update is requested.
    • Vulkan: Fix race crash in trace viewer
    • Vulkan: Fix swap on resolve (off by one!)
      Clean up part of IssueCopy
    • Vulkan: Get rid of the empty descriptor set
    • GPU Shader Translator: Add cases for memexport registers
    • GPU: Rewrite/rephrase some confusing shader translator code
    • GPU: Fixed texel pitch calculation for linear textures.
    • GPU: Don't use host write bit for texture uploads.
      • GPU: Removal of deprecated TextureInfo fields.
    • GPU: Replicated removed deprecated fields into local struct for GL.
    • GPU: Improved texture copies for Vulkan, no more pitch changes.
    • GPU: Stubbed code for CTX1 conversion in Vulkan.
    • GPU: Make the format info table 64 statically elements again.
    • Vk Immediate: Get Sampler


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