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    • Merge pull request #2000 from PCSX2/greg/vsync-take2
      Greg/vsync take2
    • pcsx2 gui: uses a combo box for Vsync
      The possible values are
    • Disabled
    • Enabled
    • Adaptive Vsync (the new possibility)
    • core: add a getter for the vsync option
      v2: allow all combinations of framelimiter and vsync options
    • disable vsync when the user disable framelimiter with F4
    • Use g_Conf->EmuOptions instead of EmuConfig
    • gsdx ogl: test adaptive/late vsync driver support
      Supported on GLX (but not Linux free driver) and WGL
    • gsdx ogl: factorize SetVSync
      Move common logic into base class
      Add API to handle late Vsync (only stub)
    • gsdx ogl: factorize common context init code


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