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    • OpenGL Renderer: Oops! Fix a bug where shaders would fail to work in legacy OpenGL, even when they are actually supported. (Regression from commit 8c37d4a.)
    • OpenGL Renderer: Lower host GPU requirements for performing on-GPU final framebuffer conversions.
    • Framebuffer conversion now occurs purely in shaders, and also
      performs flipping along with conversion. FBOs and PBOs are no longer
      required to do this.
    • If shaders are not available, then framebuffer flipping will occur if
      FBOs are available. PBOs are no longer required to do this.
    • Also fix a minor framebuffer attachment bug in the v3.2 renderer.
    • OpenGL Renderer: Eliminate two extraneous framebuffers, especially saving VRAM at the larger custom framebuffer sizes.
    • winport (aviout) - fix stuff
    • winport (aviout) - make output end with less bugs when the disk is full
    • winport (aviout) - fix regressions in multipart naming; fix spurious "avi recording ended" message



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