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    • Merge pull request #2679 from MerryMage/interp-tests
      DynCom VFP tests
    • tests: Add tests for vadd
    • tests: Arm testing framework
    • Merge pull request #2840 from Subv/apt_parameter
      Services/APT: Corrected the behavior of the Receive/Send/Glance/CancelParameter functions
    • Service/APT: Log Send/Cancel/Receive/GlanceParameter calls even if they return an error.
    • Services/APT: Return the proper error code when calling SendParameter with an outstanding parameter already in memory.
    • Services/APT: Reset the APT parameter inside CancelParameter if the conditions are met.
    • Services/APT: Properly clear the apt parameter after a successful ReceiveParameter call.
    • Services/APT: Use the right error codes in ReceiveParameter and GlanceParameter when the parameter doesn't exist.
    • Services/APT: Use boost::optional for the APT parameter structure.



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