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    • Cocoa Port: Expose the new feature to change the GPU color depth in the UI. (Related to commit 3b37058.)
    • GPU: Custom VRAM now works with 24-bit color depth. It can be captured natively in 24-bit and used as a source buffer in 24-bit. (Related to r5433. This rework is now COMPLETE!)
    • NEW FEATURE: Clients may now call GPUSubsystem::SetColorFormat() to
      choose the color format of the GPU output, which can be RGB555
      (15-bit), RGB666 (18-bit), or RGB888 (24-bit).
    • On a special note, the Deposterize filter for 3D textures can now
      show its true smoothing effect when clients run the GPU in 24-bit color
    • Cocoa Port: The Vertical Sync setting has been removed -- it is now automatically set.
    • New behavior for layer-backed views (OpenGL on Mountain Lion and
      later, or Metal): Vertical Sync is always enabled.
    • New behavior for non-layer-backed views (OpenGL on Lion and earlier):
      Vertical Sync is only enabled if frameskip is enabled or if the
      execution speed is set to 1x or less while the speed limiter is engaged.
    • Remove all associated UI for manually setting Vertical Sync.
    • Also add a new menu option to the Tools menu for disabling Metal,
      instead forcing display views to use OpenGL. (For developer builds


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