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    • Merge pull request #2804 from Kloen/theming
      citra-qt: UI Themes
    • citra-qt: Add option to configure the UI theme
    • citra-qt: load ui theme at startup and config change.
    • citra-qt: Add Dark theme from https://github.com/ColinDuquesnoy/QDarkStyleSheet
    • citra-qt: add new uisetting->theme
    • Merge pull request #2818 from B3n30/network
      Enable data transfer over ENet
    • Network: Changed timeout for receiving packets to 100ms
    • Network: Propagate Room closing to connected members
    • Network: Made send async in RoomMember
    • Network: Send the game title
    • Network: Enable sending and receiving chat messages
    • Network: Handle the disconnect of a client
    • Network: Enable to send WifiPackets
    • Network: Init Network in SDL and QT
    • Network: Send JoinRequest and handle the answer in RoomMember
    • Network: Handle join request in Room
    • Network: Added Packet class for serialization
    • Network: Threads for Room and RoomMember
    • Merge pull request #2829 from MerryMage/check_submodules_present
      CMakeLists: Check that all submodules are present
    • CMakeLists: Check that all submodules are present


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