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    • Merge pull request #2824 from jroweboy/mingw_compile_test
      Update enet submodule
    • Update enet submodule
      This includes a fix merged upstream to support mingw compilation
    • Merge pull request #2819 from bunnei/telemetry-submit
      Telemetry: Submit logged data to the Citra service
    • web_backend: Specify api-version on JSON post.
    • web_service: Add CMake flag to enable.
    • telemetry_session: Use TelemetryJson to submit real telemetry.
    • web_service: Implement JSON serialization of telemetry data.
    • web_backend: Add initial interface to POST data to Citra Web Services.
    • web_service: Add skeleton project.
    • settings: Add telemetry endpoint URL.
    • logging: Add WebService as a log cateogry.
    • externals: Add JSON as a submodule.
    • externals: Add CPR as a submodule.


  • 怎么用啊 win10 64位打开就错误!

  • 管理

    @李子王 截图发出来给我看看

  • 我猜不是运行库就是user你没有备份,因为第一次用的时候我也出现过这情况

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