• 管理


    • fix gdbstub compiling in posix frontend. didnt really test it... should fix #73
    • GPU: Partially reverts changes to the LCDC check, bringing back an optimization for display capture.
    • Revert commit abe2e619971cf0c1aa5b6bc4c8d128d736f60542. (But retains
      the comments about Mario Kart.)
    • Partially revert adf682eb23fbbcdb93f2f4045cd4aeb0d9a40e6c. (But
      retains the removal of the LCDC check in ResetDisplayCaptureEnable().)
    • Cocoa Port: Fix bug that causes building to fail. (Regression from commit c365617.)
    • Also do some minor code cleanup to byteSizeStringWithLargerUnit:.


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