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    • Merge pull request #2793 from Subv/replyandreceive
      Kernel/SVC: Partially implemented svcReplyAndReceive
    • Kernel/SVC: Pass the current thread as a parameter to ClientSession::SendSyncRequest.
    • Kernel/Sessions: Clean up the list of pending request threads of a session when the client endpoint is closed.
    • Kernel/SVC: Partially implemented svcReplyAndReceive.
      It behaves mostly as WaitSynchronizationN with wait_all = false, except for IPC buffer translation.
      The target thread of an IPC response will now wake up when responding.
      IPC buffer translation is currently not implemented.
      Error passing back to svcSendSyncRequest is currently not implemented.
    • Kernel/ServerSession: Keep track of which threads have issued sync requests.
    • Merge pull request #2809 from wwylele/texture-copy-fix
      gpu: fix edge cases for TextureCopy
    • gpu: add comments for TextureCopy
    • gpu: fix edge cases for TextureCopy


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