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    • GameDB: Add fixes to various games (#1977)
      GameDB: Add fixes to various games
      Add fix for R&C2 Going Commando
    • fixes cinematic and crash
      Add fix for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
    • fixes screen artifacts
      Add multiple fixes for Max Payne
      Add / correct fix for Mercenaries 2
    • Corrected incorrect title and added timing fix
      Add fixes for Scarface
      Add missing games to DB
    • GSdx: Remove/move DBZ:BT3 CRC
      Enables character outlines to partially work on Full CRC.
      DX9 has a small issue where a small black line at the bottom shakes when outlines are enabled.
      You can either use Aggressive crc or x,y offset to fix the issue.
      Removed unnecessary crc hack that caused shadows on stationary objects (trees) to move on Direct3D in a weird
      motion blur type way when the player moved slightly.
    • GSdx: Cleanup warnings on MSVC
    • Cast return value of IsEof() to bool. (Avoids int -> bool performance
      warning error)
    • Cast field and index to the required parameter type of AppendRawData.
    • cmake: blacklist GCC 7.0 and GCC 7.1 (based on a small testcase)
      GCC bug => https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=80799
      Close #1937


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