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    • Merge pull request #2778 from Subv/uds_more
      Services/UDS: Stub SendTo to generate the unencrypted data frames with the right headers
    • UDS: Use the ToDS and FromDS fields to properly calculate the AAD used during encryption.
    • UDS: Move the UDS keyslot used to generate the CCMP key to the AES::KeySlotID enum.
    • UDS: Run clang-format.
    • UDS: Added functions to encrypt and decrypt the data frames.
      The responsibility of encryption and encapsulation into an 802.11 MAC frame will fall into the callers of GenerateDataPayload.
    • UDS: Clarify comment about the first 4 bytes of the SecureData header.
      It is likely that these 4 bytes are actually a different header, part of some protocol that encapsulates the SecureData protocol.
    • UDS: Return the correct error messages in SendTo when not connected to a network or trying to send to itself.
    • UDS: Stub SendTo to generate the unencrypted data frame with the right headers.


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