[Xbox360模拟器Xenia]2月23号测试版下载- git 2月23日

  • 管理

    • [Vulkan] Hash and track vertex descriptor sets (similar to texture cache)
    • [SPIR-V] Handle 32-bit normalized unsigned formats
    • [SPIR-V] Fix offsetof on Travis
    • Disable warning C4996 on spirv-tools
    • [SPIR-V] Remove is_signed/is_integer check on float formats (they're ignored)
    • [SPIR-V] Don't bother setting up vertex bindings if they aren't used.
    • [SPIR-V] Size the vertex bindings input based on actual number of bindings
    • [Vulkan] Fix a couple validation errors
    • [SPIR-V] 32 [u]int formats
    • [SPIR-V] Handle 16/16, 16/16/16/16 (float and norm) and 32f
    • Update spirv-tools
    • [SPIR-V] Don't group together unimplemented fetches
    • Update spirv-tools and spirv-headers submodules
    • [SPIR-V] Convert 8888, 32, 2/10/10/10
    • [Vulkan] First working version of dynamic vfetch!
    • [SPIR-V] Update SPIRV-Tools
    • [Vulkan] BufferCache: Fix a few problems
    • [SPIR-V] Update glslang
    • [Vulkan] Bind the vertex set to DS slot 2
    • [Vulkan] BufferCache::PrepareVertexSet
    • [Vulkan] Create/Free Vertex Descriptor Pool
    • [Vulkan] Move the constant descriptor set to its own setup/destroy functions
    • Merge branch 'master' into vk_vfetch
    • Merge branch 'master' into vk_vfetch
    • [Vulkan] Add a few size checks on vertex bindings (max across all cards is 32)
    • Merge branch 'master' into vk_vfetch
    • [SPIR-V] Don't normalize denormalized 10/11/11 formats if not requested



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