• Added stubs for audio services. (#116)
  • Merge pull request #131 from lioncash/enum
  • nvmap: Add a return 0 underneath the UNIMPLEMENTED macro
  • nvmap: Make IoctlCommands an enum class
  • Merge pull request #130 from MerryMage/dynarmic
  • externals: Update dynarmic
  • Added nvmemp, Added /dev/nvhost-ctrl, SetClientPID now stores pid (#114)
  • Merge pull request #128 from Subv/parcel_query
  • VI: Implement the Query transaction of IHOSBinderDriver, and stubbed some results.
  • Merge pull request #123 from bunnei/fs
  • file_sys: Clang format fixes.
  • fsp_srv: Various improvements to IStorage:Read implementation.
  • deconstructed_rom_directory: Implement istorage loading for RomFS.
  • filesystem: Implement basic IStorage functionality.
  • file_sys: Cleanup to better match Switch file system constructs.
  • file_sys: Remove disk_archive, savedata_archive, and title_metadata.
  • archive_backend: Minor changes to match Switch IFileSystem.
  • file_sys: Repurpose 3DS IVFC code for Switch ROMFS.
  • Merge pull request #129 from Rozelette/master
  • gdbstub: Update registers and sizes for aarch64
  • Merge pull request #124 from akkatracker/patch-1
  • Fix spelling error in CMakeLists
  • Merge pull request #125 from MerryMage/bundled-unicorn
  • CMakeLists: Fix unicorn build for macOS developers with x86_64-only systems
  • CMakeLists: Do not look for system Unicorn by default