New themes for RPCS3 (#3741)

  • New Dark Theme for RPCS3

A new dark theme for RPCS3

  • CSS Fixes

Some errors have been fixed when you use the emulator on windows in high contrast mode and another small fixes.

  • Update Darker Style by TheMitoSan

  • CSS Fixes

All px's was converted to em and the pad settings dialog was fixed.

  • CSS Inprovements

  • Fixed all the broken buttons by removing the border-radius style. For now i will leave this part until i find a better way to implement this kind of style without messing up with everything;

  • The memory viewer colors has been fixed;

  • Now the QWidget has a lighter color to highlight the gear;

  • The slider (Game List) now is transparent... Again.

  • Minor update

  • [WIP] - ModernBlue Theme

This is a new theme for RPCS3 inspired on OBS Rachini theme. As the title says, still WIP, but i will improve it soon.

  • Final Changes

What I really wanted to do unfortunately (at least for now) has no way. I was looking for a way to give the buttons a new look by using the 'border-radius' rule, but it ends up breaking the general layout (a good example is what Megamouse said about the pad dialog).
I tried to fix these problems trying to change the width of some elements but even then it was not responsive / good. That's why I gave up (at least for now) to change these parameters. I decided to give a new aspect to this theme, slightly darker but without losing the essence.

  • Extension fix 1/2

  • Extension fix 2/2
    5 hours ago by J. Chiavelli (committed by Ivan)
    master cb627a6b
    4 hours ago in 13 min 7 sec