[Xbox360模拟器Xenia]12月21号测试版下载- git 12月21日

  • 管理

    • [Vulkan] Support usage of the primary queue in the swap chain
    • [Vulkan] Fix freeing the swap chain surface twice during error shutdown.
    • [Travis] Move all addons back into the same section 😐
    • [Travis] Move addons section before the build matrix
    • [Travis] Add a few required libraries
    • [Travis] Bump up to clang-4.0
    • [Vulkan] Only require surface extensions on windows
    • [Base] Handle exec R/W mapped file handles
    • Clang building on linux
    • [Base] First-pass memory file mapping support
    • Support -j flag in xenia-build
    • Fix linux build of the vulkan trace dumper
    • [UI] Implement a few pure virtual functions in linux
    • [Vulkan] Update VMA
    • [GPU] Run TraceDump headless, and drop the GL4 trace dumper
    • Support rendering windowless (tested on the Vulkan backend)
    • [Vulkan] Error propagation for immediate-mode drawer


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